FACULTY AWARD: Trueman receives Bessie Award for Outstanding Musical Composition/Sound Design

Oct. 24, 2016, 1:57 p.m.

Daniel Trueman, professor of music, has received the 2016 Bessie Award for Outstanding Musical Composition/Sound Design for his contributions to "There Might Be Others," a dance work choreographed by Rebecca Lazier, senior lecturer in dance in the Lewis Center for the Arts. The work premiered earlier this year at New York Live Arts in collaboration with Mobius Percussion and Princeton's Edward T. Cone Performers-in-Residence So Percussion. The New York Dance and Performance Awards, or "Bessies," recognize outstanding and groundbreaking creative work by independent dance artists in New York. Trueman's work was honored for "building a sound system which enabled an infinitely varied aural world, using drums, percussion instruments, pieces of paper, mobile phones, wine bottles and more. The percussionists and dancers equally inhabited an ever-changing composition in Rebecca Lazier's 'There Might Be Others.'"