Princeton supporting graduate student sentenced to prison in Iran

Princeton University issued the following statement after the Iranian judiciary announced on Sunday, July 16, that a Princeton graduate student conducting dissertation research in Iran had been sentenced to 10 years in prison after having been accused of espionage.

"Xiyue Wang is a fourth-year doctoral candidate (graduate student) in the Department of History at Princeton University. His field is late 19th and early 20th century Eurasian history. He was arrested in Iran last summer, while there doing scholarly research on the administrative and cultural history of the late Qajar dynasty in connection with his Ph.D. dissertation. Since his arrest, the University has worked with Mr. Wang's family, the U.S. government, private counsel and others to facilitate his release.

"We were very distressed by the charges brought against him in connection with his scholarly activities, and by his subsequent conviction and sentence. His family and the University are distressed at his continued imprisonment and are hopeful that he will be released after his case is heard by the appellate authorities in Tehran. In the interim, the University will continue to do everything it can to be supportive of Mr. Wang and his family."

The University has compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions on the Xiyue Wang case.

The American Council on Education and 31 other higher education and research associations have issued a statement urging Mr. Wang’s return home and more than 1,000 researchers from 25 countries have signed a petition also calling for his safe return​​​​​​.

A Chinese translation follows.




2017年7月16日, 下午6点37分

7月16日, 周日, 伊朗司法部宣布对一名在伊朗进行博士论文研究的普林斯顿博士生以间谍罪判处十年监禁。对此,普林斯顿大学发布声明如下: