Be a Princetonian — get out and vote!

“Voting is part of what it means be a Princetonian. It’s a way to be in the nation’s service and in the service of humanity." — President Christopher L. Eisgruber.

In a new video message and blog post, Eisgruber urges all Princetonians to make their voices heard this Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3.  

“If you’ve already cast your ballot: congratulations, and thank you for upholding Princeton’s commitment to service. If you’ve not done so: make a specific plan about when and how you will cast your ballot,” Eisgruber said. Speaking directly to students, he added that “if your generation votes in numbers, it will change the world.”

Princeton's Vote100 campaign helped register undergraduates to vote and encouraged students to engage civically through advocacy and community service wherever they live. Vote100 went virtual this year, reaching undergraduates across the country through text, email and phone. 

Leading up to the 2020 election, Princeton’s Vote100 campaign has worked for months encouraging undergraduates to vote where they are eligible and to engage civically through advocacy and service work.

Sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) and led by over 130 student ambassadors, Vote100 sponsored 11 virtual programs this year, including discussion panels with Princeton faculty and get-out-the-vote events like Tiger Ballot Day that encouraged students to vote by mail. With undergraduates scattered across the country this semester due to the coronavirus pandemic, Vote100 used texts, emails, social media, Zoom and online programming to reach students. 

Through the Vote100 initiative:

  • 5,331 Princeton undergraduates were individually contacted with voting information by email, text or phone;
  • 330 Princeton student organizations were contacted with voter information via email; and
  • 2,881 individuals signed-up on TurboVote for voting registration and Election Day reminders since the platform launched in May.

Princeton students also have been working to make the 2020 election possible through their involvement with the Poll Hero Project

The Vote100 campaign helped encourage 2,881 sign-ups on TurboVote to receive voter registration information and Election Day reminders.

"The Poll Hero Project is an all-volunteer organization with the sole purpose of recruiting more young people to work the polls on Election Day," said Class of 2021 member Ryan Schwieger, a co-founder of the organization and member of the men’s basketball team. "The majority of poll workers are older Americans, who are at a greater risk of COVID-19 complications. We are solving this problem by recruiting young people to become poll workers, ensuring polling stations are open and everybody can exercise their right to vote."

Schwieger and women’s soccer player Ella Gantman, a member of the Class of 2023, were inspired by Princeton staff member Laura Wooten, a Butler College Dining Hall employee who passed away this past year. Wooten was the longest working poll worker in American history. The Princeton student-athletes joined with fellow Princeton students, Kennedy Mattes of the Class of 2023, Eric Periman of the Class of 2022, James Lee of the Class of 2023, and Kai Tsurumaki of the Class of 2023, to help honor Wooten's legacy.

Vote100 is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and led by more than 130 student ambassadors. 


Other examples of the University's many election-related resources include: