Sunlight dappling a campus building

Employee retirements: March 2021

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements

Effective February 16: in the School of Public and International Affairs, associate dean for public affairs and communications Elisabeth Donahue, after 17 years.

Effective February 26: in the University Center for Human Values, events and office coordinator Laurie Skoroda, after 10 years.

Effective March 1: in Transportation and Parking Services, director of transportation and parking services Kim Jackson, after 13 years; in Campus Dining, residential food service worker Maude Joseph, after 31 years; in the Center for the Study of Religion, center manager Anita Kline, after 30 years.

Effective March 20: in the Library, infrastructure operations lead Yevgeny Kaganovich, after 24 years.

Effective March 27: in the Art Museum, museum preparator Mark Harris, after 18 years.

Effective April 1: in Civil and Environmental Engineering, academic support III Melinda Matlack, after 30 years.