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Employee retirements: May 2021

The following is an updated list of University employee retirements.

Effective April 2: in Campus Dining, retail food service worker Charles Edward Brown, after 20 years.

Effective April 3: in Campus Dining, residential food service worker Maisie Forde, after 23 years; in Utility Plant, senior shift operator James Thompson, after 30 years.

Effective May 1: in the Department of History, department office support III Pamela Harriet Long, after 36 years; in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, administrative coordinator, academic professionals Kelly Steve, after 12 years.

Effective May 4: in Enterprise Infrastructure Services, telephone specialist II Jerry Chianese, after 21 years.

Effective May 29: in Undergraduate Financial Aid, departmental office support III Seka Plemenitash, after 21 years.

Effective June 1: in Integrative Genomics, research specialist II Lubica Kovac, after 15 years.

Effective July 1: in Sponsored Research Accounting, SRA analyst June Louise Fetcishin, after 49 years; in Sponsored Research Accounting, manager, SRA administration Alberta Hegedus Molnar, after 10 years; in the Office of the Dean of Religious Life, chapel music director Penna Ann Rose, after 28 years.