Tilghman Walk to connect arts and sciences

Tilghman Walk to connect arts and sciences

A major east-west campus walkway linking the Lewis Center for the Arts to the science buildings that house genomics, neuroscience and psychology has been named by the Board of Trustees in honor of President Shirley M. Tilghman, who will step down at the end of this academic year after serving 12 years as president.

Tilghman Walk will link two major campus areas with close associations with Tilghman.

At its eastern end will be buildings that house the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics that Tilghman led before being named president, and the new homes for neuroscience and psychology (Peretsman-Scully Hall) that are scheduled for completion later this year.

At its western end will be the new home for the Lewis Center for the Arts and other buildings that will allow Princeton to achieve one of Tilghman’s highest priorities as president, the expansion of Princeton’s teaching capacities in the creative and performing arts.

The east-west path will also pass by two of the four-year residential colleges, Whitman College and Butler College, that were created during Tilghman’s presidency.

"This walkway touches on many aspects of Shirley's presidency, and the trustees have chosen to name it for Shirley so that forevermore Tilghman Walk will remind future generations of the many ways her legacy shaped and strengthened Princeton," said Kathryn Hall, chair of the Board of Trustees.

Tilghman Walk joins several other named walkways on campus, including:

  • Goheen Walk, named after Princeton's 16th president, Robert F. Goheen, parallel to and immediately north of Tilghman Walk, between Butler and Wilson Colleges and past the Lewis Thomas Laboratory;
  • Shapiro Walk, named after Princeton's 18th president, Harold T. Shapiro, and his wife, Vivian, and extending east from Washington Road to the Engineering Quadrangle; and
  • McCosh Walk, named after Princeton's 11th president, James McCosh, extending west from Washington Road and McCosh Hall to Lockhart Hall and University Place.

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