Board approves 14 promotions

The Princeton University Board of Trustees has approved the promotions of 14 faculty members, effective July 1, 2013, except where noted. The faculty members and their departments, by the academic rank to which they are being promoted, are:

ProfessorKosuke Imai, politics; Matthew Salganik, sociology; Tracy K. Smith, creative writing and the Lewis Center for the Arts.

Associate professor (with continuing tenure)Rebecca Burdine, molecular biology; Janet Chen, East Asian studies and history; Ileana Cristea, molecular biology; Abigail Doyle, chemistry; Michael Freedman, computer science; A. James Link, chemical and biological engineering; Ekaterina Pravilova, history; Frederik Simons, geosciences.

Assistant professor Valentin Haddad, economics, for a three-and-a-half-year term, effective Feb. 1, 2013; Marc Ratkovic, politics, for a three-year term; Janet Vertesi, sociology, for a three-year term.