Video feature: Princeton graduates thank those who helped, inspired them

Graduates Say 'Thank You' Vivien Cheng

In this video, Princeton University senior Vivien Cheng, who is majoring in music and pursuing a certificate in neuroscience, and several other students thank the people who supported and encouraged them on their way to graduation.

Video still from Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications

More than 2,000 Princeton University students will graduate at Commencement on Tuesday, June 2, completing an unforgettable journey that was filled with encouragement from people in all areas of their lives.

In the video below, students spanning bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree study across many disciplines express their gratitude.

The graduates thank family, friends, academic advisers and staff members who aided them in getting to Princeton and helped them succeed once they arrived. They range from parents who supported unconventional goals, to faculty members who advised senior theses and chaplains who offered their counsel, and to them all, the graduates say, simply, "Thank you."

Princeton students thank the people who have helped them realize their academic goals ahead of the University's 268th Commencement on Tuesday, June 2. (Video by Amaris Hardy, Office of Communications)