Six Princeton professors have been elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Princeton faculty members Linda Colley, Rafaela Dancygier, Judith Hamera, Ilya Kaminsky, Fintan O’Toole and Laurence Ralph have been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Also elected are two alumni: Amy Gladfelter, a member of the Class of 1996, and Michael Lewis, a 1982 graduate.

They are among the nearly 270 leaders in academia, the arts, business, government and public affairs elected this year in their respective fields.

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, founded in 1780, is both an honorary society that recognizes and celebrates the excellence of its members and an independent research center convening leaders from across disciplines, professions and perspectives to address significant challenges.

“In its earliest days, the Academy sought members who would help address issues and opportunities confronting a young nation,” said Nancy Andrews (Boston Children’s Hospital), chair of the Academy’s Board of Directors. “We feel a similar urgency and have elected a class that brings diverse expertise to meet the pressing challenges and possibilities that America and the world face today.”

From left: Linda Colley, Rafaela Dancygier, Judith Hamera, Ilya Kaminsky, Fintan O'Toole and Laurence Ralph.


Linda Colley

Colley is the Shelby M.C. Davis 1958 Professor of History. She is an expert on British, imperial and global history since 1700. Her most recent book is “The Gun, the Ship, and the Pen: Warfare, Constitutions, and the Making of the Modern World.”

Rafaela Dancygier

Dancygier is a professor of politics and international affairs, and director of the Mamdouha S. Bobst Center for Peace and Justice. She specializes in comparative politics, with a focus on the implications of ethnic diversity in advanced democracies.

Judith Hamera

Hamera is professor of dance in the Lewis Center for the Arts and American studies, and chair of the Lewis Center for the Arts. She is an award-winning dance and performance studies scholar.

Ilya Kaminsky

Kaminsky is professor of creative writing in the Lewis Center for the Arts. He is the author of “Deaf Republic” and “Dancing in Odessa” and co-editor and co-translator of many other books, including “Ecco Anthology of International Poetry” and “Dark Elderberry Branch: Poems of Marina Tsvetaeva.”

Fintan O’Toole

O’Toole is a visiting lecturer in English and theater and the Visiting Leonard L. Milberg ’53 Professor in Irish Letters. He is one of Ireland’s leading public intellectuals and a columnist for The Irish Times. His most recent book, “We Don’t Know Ourselves: A Personal History of Modern Ireland,” was included in The New York Times’ 10 Best Books of 2022 and The New Yorker’s Best Books of 2022, among others.

Laurence Ralph

Ralph is a professor of anthropology. He has a diverse set of research interests, which include urban anthropology, medical anthropology; the study of gangs, disability, masculinity, race and popular culture.


Amy Gladfelter ’96 is a quantitative cell biologist and a professor of biology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. At Princeton, she studied with Bonnie Bassler, the Squibb Professor in Molecular Biology.

Michael Lewis ’82 is an author and journalist whose bestselling books include “Moneyball,” “The Blind Side” and “Liar’s Poker.” He was the speaker for the University’s 2012 Baccalaureate ceremony.