Optimization of Communication Networks
Invited Sessions in CISS on Optimization of Communication Networks
CISS 2006, Princeton University


Plenary Speech

Network Control

Kelly, Frank, University of Cambridge


March 22nd Morning

Session A: Optimization in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


1. Mellin Transforms for TCP Throughput with Applications to Cross Layer Optimization

Baccelli, Francois, INRIA-ENS, France
McDonald, David R., University of Ottawa, Canada

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Francois Baccelli, INRIA, France


2. Some Optimization Trade-offs in Wireless Network Coding

Sagduyu, Yalin E., University of Maryland
Ephremides, Anthony, University of Maryland

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Anthony Ephremides, University of Maryland, USA


3. Maximizing Path Durations in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Shan, Yijie, University of Maryland
La, Richard J., University of Maryland

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Richard La , University of Maryland, USA


4. Rate Control and Dynamic Dimensioning of Multihop Wireless Networks

Karnik, Aditya, University of Waterloo
Mazumdar, Ravi R., University of Waterloo
Rosenberg, Catherine P., University of Waterloo

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Ravi Mazumdar , University of Waterloo, Canada


5. Optimal Backpressure Routing for Wireless Networks with Multi-Receiver Diversity

Neely, Michael J., University of Southern California

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Michael Neely , University of Southern California, USA


6. Performance Analysis of Reputation-Based Mechanisms for Multihop Wireless Networks

Milan, Fabio, Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Jaramillo, Juan Josť, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Srikant, R., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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R. Srikant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA


March 22nd Afternoon

Session B: Optimization Based Protocol Design


1. Layering As Optimization Decomposition: Current Status and Open Issues

Chiang, Mung, Princeton University
Low, Steven H., Califonia Institute of Technology
Calderbank, A. R., Princeton University
Doyle, John C., Califonia Institute of Technology

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Mung Chiang , Princeton University, USA


2. Combining Multipath Routing and Congestion Control for Robustness

Key, Peter B., Microsoft Research
Massoulie, Laurent, Microsoft Research
Towsley, Don, University of Massachusetts

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Peter Key, Microsoft Research, USA


3. Congestion Control with Adaptive Multipath Routing Based on Optimization

Paganini, Fernando, ORT University, Uruguay

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Fernando Paganini, ORT University, Uruguay


4. Flow Level Stability of Utility Based Allocations for Nonconvex Rate Regions

Bonald, Thomas, France Telecom
Proutiere, Alexandre, France Telecom

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Alexandre Proutiere, France Telecom


5. Network Protocols Designed for Optimizability

Rexford, Jennifer, Princeton University

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Jennifer Rexford , Princeton University, USA


6. A Stochastic Primal-Dual Algorithm for Joint Flow Control and MAC Design in Multihop Wireless Networks

Zhang, Junshan, Arizona State University
Zheng, Dong, Arizona State University

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Junshan Zhang, Arizona State University, USA


March 23rd Morning

Session C: Optimization of Congestion Control and Routing


1. Throughput performance for networks with linear capacity constraints

Bonald, Thomas, France Telecom

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Thomas Bonald, France Telecom, France


2. Metarouting and Network Optimization

Gurney, Alexander, University of Cambridge
Griffin, Timothy G., University of Cambridge

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Tim Griffin , Cambridge University, UK


3. Equilibrium of Heterogeneous Congestion Control Protocols

Tang, Ao, California Institute of Technology
Wang, Jiantao, California Institute of Technology
Low, Steven, California Institute of Technology
Chiang, Mung, Princeton University

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Steven Low, California Institute of Technology, USA


4. Schedulable Regions and Equilibrium Cost for Multipath Flow Control: The Benefits of Coordination

Massoulie, Laurent, Microsoft Research
Key, Peter, Microsoft Research

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Laurent Maussoulie, Microsoft Research


5. Paradoxes of Network Engineering with Partially Optimal Routing

Acemoglu, Daron, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Johari, Ramesh, Stanford University
Ozdaglar, Asuman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Asuman Ozdaglar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


6. Comparing flow-aware and flow-oblivious adaptive routing

Oueslati, Sara, France Telecom
Roberts, James, France Telecom

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James Roberts , France Telecom


March 23 rd Afternoon

Session D: Optimization of Wireless Transmission and Spectrum Usage


1. Cumulative Reputation Systems for Peer-to-Peer Content Distribution

Mortazavi, Bita, The Pennsylvania State University / Verizon Wireless
Kesidis, George, The Pennsylvania State University

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George Kesidis, The Pennsylvania State University, USA


2. Coalition Games in Receiver Cooperation for Spectrum Sharing

Mathur, Suhas, Rutgers University
Sankaranarayanan, Lalitha, Rutgers University
Mandayam, Narayan B., Rutgers University

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Narayan Mandayam, Rutgers University, USA


3. Optimal Adaptive Data Transmission over a Fading Channel with Deadline and Power Constraints

Zafer, Murtaza, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Modiano, Eytan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Eytan Modiano, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


4. Jointly Optimal Transmission and Probing Strategies for Multichannel Wireless Systems

Guha, Sudipto, University of Pennsylvania
Munagala, Kamesh, Duke University
Sarkar, Saswati, University of Pennsylvania

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Saswati Sarkar, University of Pennsylvania, USA


5. Optimal QoS-Aware Sleep/Wake Scheduling for Time-Synchronized Sensor Networks

Wu, Yan, Purdue University
Fahmy, Sonia, Purdue University
Shroff, Ness B., Purdue University

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Ness Shroff, Purdue University, USA


6. Cross-Layer Scheduling of End-to-End Flows Using a Spectrum Server

Raman, Chandrasekharan, Rutgers University
Yates, Roy D., Rutgers University
Mandayam, Narayan B., Rutgers University

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Roy Yates, Rutgers University, USA


March 24th Morning

Session E: Optimization of Scheduling and Switching


1. Dynamic Load Balancing Issues in Communication Switching

Bambos, Nicholas, Stanford University

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Nicholas Bambos, Stanford University, USA


2. Downlink Scheduling and Resource Allocation for OFDM Systems

Huang, Jianwei, Princeton University
Subramanian, Vijay, Motorola Inc.
Agrawal, Rajeev, Motorola Inc.
Berry, Randall A., Northwestern University

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Randall Berry, Northwestern University, USA


3. Delay Optimization in Bandwidth-Sharing Networks

Verloop, Maaike, CWI, the Netherlands
Borst, Sem, CWI, the Netherlands
Nunez-Queija, Rudesindo, CWI, the Netherlands

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Sem Borst, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA


4. Distributed Approaches for Proportional and Max-Min Fairness in Random Access Ad Hoc Networks

Wang, Xin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Kar, Koushik, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Koushik Kar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA


5. Fast Matching Algorithms for Repetitive Optimization: An Application to Switch Scheduling

Deb, Supratim, Bell Laboratories Research India
Shah, Devavrat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shakkottai, Sanjay, The University of Texas at Austin

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Sanjay Shakkottai, The University of Texas at Austin, USA


6. Optimal Throughput Allocation in General Random Access Networks

Gupta, Piyush, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
Stolyar, Alexander, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

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Alexander Stolyar, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA


Morning 24th Afternoon

Session F: Optimization Based Cross Layer Design in Wireless Networks


1. Joint Optimization of Scheduling and Congestion Control in Communication Networks

Andrews, Matthew, Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies

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Matthew Andrews , Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA


2. On the Optimal SINR in Random Access Networks with Spatial Re-use

Ehsan, Navid, University of California, San Diego
Cruz, Rene L., University of California, San Diego

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Rene Cruz, University of California, San Diego, USA


3. Active Queue Management and Scheduling for Wireless Networks: The Single-Cell Case

Marbach, Peter, University of Toronto
Lu, Yiyi, University of Toronto

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Peter Marbach, University of Toronto, Canada


4. Node-Based Distributed Optimal Control of Wireless Networks

Xi, Yufang, Yale University
Yeh, Edmund M., Yale University

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Edmund Yeh, Yale University, USA


5. Joint Optimization of Relay Strategies and Resource Allocations in Cooperative Cellular Networks

Ng, Truman C., University of Toronto
Yu, Wei, University of Toronto
Zhang, Jianzhong (Charlie), Nokia Research Center
Reid, Anthony, Nokia Research Center

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Wei Yu, University of Toronto, Canada

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