Committee on Naming seeks recommendations on West College, Wilson School atrium

The newly formed Committee on Naming that will advise the Board of Trustees has launched a website to seek public comment on a new name for West College and a potential name for the atrium of Robertson Hall.

The committee was established by the Council of the Princeton University Committee at its Sept. 26 meeting.

The committee was proposed in a policy on naming (PDF) of programs, positions and spaces that the trustees adopted last summer in response to a recommendation by the board's Wilson Legacy Review Committee that the University develop a process for naming buildings and other spaces "to recognize individuals who would bring a more diverse presence to the campus."

In its report, the review committee suggested that the board consider naming the atrium in Robertson Hall, which serves as the principal entryway into the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

The trustees also asked for advice on the naming of West College, which was built as a dormitory in 1836 on the west side of Cannon Green opposite a building known as East College. West College currently houses such offices as the dean of the college, the dean of undergraduate students, admission, financial aid and the registrar.

In an email to members of the Princeton University community, Professor Angela N.H. Creager, chair of the naming committee, points out that "these are spaces that students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors to the campus walk by and enter every day" and suggests that the naming of the two spaces "represents a wonderful opportunity to recognize someone whose name would bring greater diversity to our campus and whose legacy would inspire us...."  Her email also invites members of the University community to "suggest names we should consider in the future if we are asked to recommend names for other spaces."  

The committee will make its recommendations to the Board of Trustees, which retains authority to make the final decision about the names of any University programs, positions and spaces.