Graduates reflect and celebrate at Commencement

Princeton students experienced a mix of emotions as they participated in the University's 272nd Commencement.

In the weeks leading up to Commencement, graduating students felt a mix of emotions — relief at completing their coursework, theses and dissertations; sadness about leaving Princeton and their friends, and excitement about the futures they’re entering, armed with what they’ve learned at Princeton.

In the video above, students reflect on their journeys, experience the thrill of their final University ritual before transitioning to alumni with a march through FitzRandolph Gate, and celebrate with friends and family.

Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber addressed the graduates, saying: "Your education at this University, in its classrooms and beyond them, has given you the resources to defend the civil virtues and to provide the service, citizenship, and leadership that our world so needs. I urge you to take up that challenge along with the others that await you on the path beyond FitzRandolph Gate. ... wishing you every success as Princeton University’s great Class of 2019!! Congratulations and best wishes!"